Tuesday, December 18, 2018

MoANR SLMPII Bamboo Tour to China (2018.11.11-11.19) http://s261.photobucket.com/user/bamboo-photo/library/2018%20bamboo%20tour?sort=3&page=1 From 11-20 November 2018, Dr. Fu Jinhe, -Directors of the Addis Ababa Office of the International Bamboo and Rattan Industry (INBAR) and Ms. Du Xiaojuan from INBAR HQ accompanied a group of colleagues and stakeholders travelled on a 7-day long bamboo tour in Zhejiang and Sichuan. Mr Tefara Tadesse, Director of the Natural Resources Division of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, led the trip and was accompanied by a total of 15 experts from various Ethiopian Provinces. The goal of the trip was to give the visiting experts the chance to experience advanced bamboo technology in China and promote the development of an advanced domestic bamboo industry in Ethiopia. Day 1: 1. Anji Yafei Lamp Factory The first site of the trip saw a visit to Anji Yafei Lamp Factory in Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang. Yafei is an award-winning producer of traditional bamboo lighting products with more than 100 national patents. Accompanied by Dr. Fu Jinhe and the General Manager of the factory Mr. Zhou Wenguo, the group toured the bamboo lamp exhibition hall and learned about the factory, going into detail about the production process, the thought behind the products and the product development process. ⚑Bamboo lamp art   ⚑Production room   2. Anji ‘Lina’ Bamboo Products The participants visited another bamboo products company, one that exported its products to an international market. Ms. Tian Aizhen from Anji‘Lina’ Bamboo Products Co. accompanied them. ⚑ Bamboo crafts tea house 3. Yoyu from Zhejiang – a bamboo products legend! Yoyu is a world-renowned bamboo products entreprise, specializing in R&D and manufacturing of flooring, furniture and decoration. The participants were very impressed with the showroom – they couldn’t believe the depth and breadth of Yoyu’s work. ⚑ Yoyu’s research and development demonstration room   4. Bamboo semi-processing workshop The group visited a bamboo processing plant and saw the many steps involved in processing bamboo, such as cutting, opening, drying, dyeing and packaging ⚑ Bamboo processing plant 5. Visit to the Anji Soil and Water Conservation Technology Demonstration Park of the Ministry of Water Resources This involved a vist to a water and soil conservation science and technology demonstration park which integrates technology demonstration, research, and science education. Park personnel guided the Ethiopian delegation around the demonstration areas. ⚑ Anji Soil and Water Conservation Technology Demonstration Park of the Ministry of Water Resources   6. Zhujing, Anji Bamboo Industry Technology Co. Ltd. This company are true market leaders and innovators with a strong team of skilled craftsmen. Ms. Wang Yanfei led the delegation around the demonstration site and gave a speech on the innovative applications of bamboo in diverse spheres, from public art to interior design. Zhang Hongliang, an engineer from the Anji Forestry Bureau, came along to discuss the technical specifics of how bamboo is used in agriculture. ⚑ Bamboo island   Day 2: 1. Lujia Bamboo Garden in Anji A visit to the beautiful bamboo garden in Anji, accompanied by Mr. Zeng Weiren, the designer of these Bamboo Construction. ⚑ Bamboo park   2. China Bamboo Garden and Museum A visit to a 4A tourist attraction, the China Bamboo Garden and Museum. ⚑ China Bamboo Garden   ⚑ China Bamboo Museum   3. Yu Cun The delegation visited this popular tourist attraction, which is well known in the area for its lush mountains and clear water. At the entrance to the village, there is a famous stone engraved with a quote from Xi Jinping: “Green mountains and clear water are worth just as much as mountains of silver and rivers of gold.” ⚑Yucun   3.Bamboo Shoot-producing Plantation Demonstration Zone This bamboo forest doubles as a demonstration zone for innovative bamboo shoot production and management systems. Students from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University carry out their research in this area, and the zone also focuses on the carbon sequestration properties of bamboo. ⚑ Moso Bamboo Science and Technology Park Day 3:Lin’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 1. Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University ZAFU is an importance university of environmental science and agriculture research. The group took a tour of the campus and attended a symposium at the Carbon Exchange Building. Professor Shi Yongjun and Dr. Mei Tingting spoke with the delegation. They also visited the bamboo product display and the bamboo culture lab and were shown around by DR. Gui Renyi and Li Wenzhu. ⚑ Smartlab building   ⚑ Visit to the National Research Center for Comprehensive Utilization of Wood Resources ⚑ Key Laboratory of Carbon Sequestration-Forum TEFERA TADESSE GETNET (Natural Resource Management Directorate Director, MoA) 2. Hangzhou Lin’an Taihuyuan Ornamental Bamboo Planting Garden Prof. Wang Anguo from Lin'an Modern Forestry Science and Technology Service Center led the Ethiopian delegation to visit this scientific research centre and bamboo plantation, introduced the biological characteristics and uses of each bamboo species, and held a symposium to give a special report on the “Review of Linan Bamboo Shoot Industry Development”. ⚑Visit to the Bamboo Garden   ⚑Meeting Day 4: Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, CAF The Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry is a comprehensive forestry research institution that integrates scientific research, scientific and technological information exchange and personnel training in the subtropical region of China. The Ethiopian delegation visited the Institute and first had a discussion with experts from the Institute. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director Wang Yangdong. The Director of the Scientific Research Department, Mr. Wu Tonggui, gave a lecture on the “Institute of Subtropical Forestry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry”. Introducing the special report. A researcher from the Bamboo Resources and Utilization Research Group, Xie Jinzhong, had a productive exchange with the Ethiopian delegation. Dr. Fu Jinhe, Ph.D., of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, suggested possible cooperation. Tefera Tedesse Getnet, Director of the Natural Resources Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia, Markos Wondie Minale, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Bureau of Ethiopia, Yebeegaeshet Legesse Belachew, Environmental Protection Specialist from Office of Sustainable Land Management Project, Ministry of Agriculture, and Thechiot Kunedan Reat, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Bureau of Essembe Bella spoke at the meeting to exchange resources about Ethiopian bamboo. After the meeting, the researcher of the forest genetic engineering research group, Zhuo Renying, led the Ethiopian delegation in a visit to the Bamboo Tissue Culture Room and the Sales Department of the Institute, Green Garden Horticulture Company. In the afternoon, Xie Jinzhong accompanied the delegation to visit Miaoshanwu Bamboo Base and Bamboo Forestry Light Observation Tower, as well as several demonstration and simulation sites.   ⚑Meeting ⚑Bamboo tissue culture room   ⚑ Miaoshanwu Bamboo Base   Day 5:Suichang County, Lishui, Zhejiang 1. Laoweng Bamboo Charcoal Factory Since 1998, the Laowen Bamboo Charcoal Factory has been producing bamboo charcoal. The factory makes a wide range of bamboo products, from tablets and drums to powder and even vinegar. Respected director Chen Wenzhao met with the delegation. ⚑Bamboo Charcoal   ⚑ China Bamboo Charcoal Museum   Day 6:Meishan, Sichuan 1. Hongya Bamboo Era Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. This entreprise manufactures bamboo fibre products. The hi-tech material that they produce is extremely strong and often known as “bamboo steel”. It can even produce wind turbine blades, indoor and outdoor flooring, and train carriages. Mr. Fan Jiangbo, the director of Bamboo Era Science and Technology Co., introduced the company and production process. ⚑ Bamboo era building ⚑ Processing room   2. International Bamboo Art Museum The International Bamboo Art Museum is located in Qingshen County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. Dr. Fu Jinhe, accompanied by the Qingshen Forestry Bureau, led the Ethiopian delegation around the Bamboo Art Museum to learn about the history of bamboo crafts, and understand the historical and cultural significance of bamboo in Qingshen. The Qingshen County Forestry Bureau accompanied the tour. ⚑ International Bamboo Art Museum   3. BABO Factory of Vanov Group BABO is an innovative brand that leads the market in bamboo tissue paper. The delegation visited the factory in Qingshen to see how this soft tissue paper is made. ⚑ BABO style   Day 7:Qingshen County 1. Bamboo Weaving Art Museum On the seventh day of the tour, the group visited an amazing building shaped like a bamboo shoot, which housed the country’s only bamboo art museum. The museum contains thousands of works of art, all related to bamboo. Mr. Chen Yunhua, the founder of China Bamboo Art City and the Chinese Bamboo Museum, and the master of bamboo arts and crafts, personally received the Ethiopian delegation and led them into the world of bamboo. ⚑ Bamboo Weaving Art Museum   ⚑ Bamboo weaving practice   2. Bamboo Wetland Park China's first bamboo forest wetland park is located in the southwest of Zhubian Industrial Park, Langou Village, Nancheng, Qingshen. The park features a large selection of traditional Chinese gardens and art, which more than 400 types of bamboo on display. The garden was green and lush, and the delegation enjoyed the lecture from Dr. Fu. Author: Du Xiaojuan, Fu Jinhe; Photography: Du Xiaojuan, Fu Jinhe